Things to do

Bremer Bay is the perfect, relaxing beachside location to get away from everyday hustle. We have something to offer everyone – for families, nature lovers, adventurers, romantic getaways and travelers passing along the south coast, Bremer Bay is not to be missed!

Bremer Bay Beaches Resort Tourist Park offers all the conveniences you will need during your stay in Bremer Bay.

Here are some of the things you can do in and around Bremer Bay Beaches Resort Tourist Park:

  • Relax on one of the pristine beaches surrounding the park
  • Go fishing, surfing, paddling, swimming or diving in the turquoise blue ocean
  • Explore the many walk trails – complimentary walk trail map available from reception.
  • Enjoy a day trip to Point Ann in the Fitzgerald River National Park – whale watching, swimming, snorkeling, fishing or walking/hiking
  • Visit the nearby Bremer Bay Wellstead Museum Cafe
  • Dec – April: Explore the world renowned Bremer Canyon and Orca tours.
  • Enjoy a meal at one of the local restaurants

If you are looking for a relaxing and comfortable place to stay in Bremer Bay, then Bremer Bay Beaches Resort Tourist Park is the perfect choice for you.

Enjoy Bremer's many Beaches

Bremer Bay Beaches Resort is in the perfect location to explore the many pristine turquoise beaches along Point Henry Peninsula and further surrounds of Bremer Bay.

There are beaches that can be accessed by both 2WD and 4WD vehicles.

The beauty of Bremer Bay is that there is always a beach to suit your needs, be that swimming with the kids, fishing, snorkelling, paddling, diving or exploring.

Below is some information about the most popular beaches surrounding our caravan park. See our map for locations and click on the yellow beach icon for details.

  • Back Beach: Access via walk trail from the back of the park or Whitetrail Road, off leash dog friendly, good fishing, very soft sand for 4wd, swimming ok at far town end behind reef or in far south corner, can be rips and drop offs.
  • Fishery Beach: Good beach for kids, sheltered. Toilets/showers. Marina, boat ramp, good fishing. Dogs not allowed.
  • Short Beach: Good for swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishing, sheltered behind reef. Dog friendly on leash.
  • Banky Beach: Limited access up/down steep hill, good for fishing. Good for exploring.
  • Little Boat Harbour: Great for swimming with kids, very picturesque, perfect for dive trail, limited parking, sheltered.
  • Blossoms Beach: 4wd access – good for kids, shallow, small waves. On leash dog friendly.
  • Native Dog Beach: surf break, can have very dangerous rips. Not recommended for swimming or inexperienced surfers.
  • Bremer Beach: Swimming, fishing, surfing, off leash dog friendly past fenced bird sanctuary sand dune area, can be accessed by 4wd through the carpark area, inlet opening closed again (as of Nov 2023).
  • Dillon Beach: 4WD vehicle access. Swimming, fishing, exploring rock pools, surfing.

Go Fishing

Bremer Bay offers a range of fantastic location for all fishing enthusiasts.

With great access for onshore fishing locations and a marina for deep sea fishing Bremer Bay has it all, plus fantastic four wheel driving, swimming, spearfishing, snorkeling, fishing and lazing around on the beach.

Check out all the info a fisho needs here – Fishing in Bremer Bay 

Explore one of the many walk trails

Bremer Bay offers lots of walk trails and beach walks.
There is a path winding along the native snail walk trail from Bremer Bay Beaches  back to town, see reception for a complimentary trail map.

Nature Walk to Back Beach – enjoy a stroll from the back of the park, along our nature walk, perhaps spotting a rare orchid or other wildflowers.
There are walks around town, along the estuary and around the rock cairn, beach walks and to the headlands along Point Henry Peninsula. 

Explore Fitzgerald River National Park

Bremer Bay is the perfect location to access the western side of the Fitzgerald River National Park, Point Ann is the main point of interest from the western side and is a perfect scenic lookout point. 

It is a popular spot for whale watching during the migration season (May to June).
There is a short 1.5-kilometer loop trail called the Point Ann Heritage Trail that winds its way through the coastal vegetation and offers panoramic views. The trail is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Further details of the four walk trails from – Point Ann.

Look for Wildflowers

Bremer Bay and its surrounding areas, particularly the Fitzgerald River National Park, are renowned for their spectacular wildflower displays.

With over 20% of Western Australia’s flora found in this region, you can expect a dazzling array of blooms throughout the year, although the peak season usually occurs between August and October.

Bremer Bay and Fitzgerald National Park are renowned for its abundant display of Royal Hakeas, the rare Quaalup Bell and many other plant species including Banksias, Hakeas, Bottlebrushes and Feather Flowers. Rare bush orchids can also be found.

Bremer Canyon Orca Tours

The Bremer Canyon is a deep underwater canyon located about 80 km (50 mi) off the coast of Bremer Bay, Western Australia.
It’s a marine biodiversity hotspot that offers a unique opportunity to observe these intelligent and adaptable predators in action, providing a glimpse into the wonders of the underwater world

The orca converge at the Bremer Canyon in large pods from December to April, hunting and feeding on various prey like other whales.
There are two tour companies that run deep sea tours out to the canyon daily see further tour information for
Naturaliste Charters or Whale Watch Western Australia

Enjoy Food & Dining

Bremer Bay has various food and dining options to enjoy during your stay.

The Wellstead Museum Café offers beautiful breakfast, lunch and woodfired pizzas.
The Telegraph offers breakfast and lunch from a newly restored heritage building.
The Bremer Bay Brewery and Bremer Bay Mount Barren Restaurant offer great local dining locations.

The Bremer Bay general store and roadhouse provide grocery, fuel and food options.