Terms & Conditions

Bremer Bay Beaches Resort Tourist Park Terms & Conditions and Important Park Information

Please take the time to read carefully.


Please check all the details of your reservation are correct when confirming your booking:  including dates and number of guests.


The minimum deposit required on all reservations is equal to One (1) night Tariff and will be payable at the time of booking. 

Mastercard or Visa details are required for each reservation. We do not accept AMEX or Diners Club.

A cash bond may be requested if credit card details are not supplied. 


By confirming your reservation, you are granting us authorisation for any balances, incidentals or damages to be charged to the credit card held on file; and full acceptance of our Terms & Conditions and Important Park Information.

Please ensure that you have read the Terms & Conditions of your booking, prior to arrival. Bremer Bay Beaches Terms & Conditions 


We wish for a memorable stay for all guests, with a high standard of service and facilities provided.

If something is not to your satisfaction, we wish to know immediately so any issue can be addressed during your stay. 

If we don’t know we can’t assist you!

We appreciate all feedback. It provides important information for us to continually serve you best. A link to provide a review will be sent to your email upon check-out.


Option 1

More than 31 Days Prior to arrival – Full refund less $40 cancellation fee

31 – 8 Days(inclusive) Prior to arrival – 50 % Refund – not less than $40

7 Days or Less to arrival – NIL refund, however any balance remaining after the $40 cancellation fee is applied, will be held in the clients account for 1 year from the cancellation date, to be used toward another stay at Beaches (excludes kiosk purchases). 

Option 2

Client Credit – applicable on all reservations in lieu of the above

A client credit of amount paid – less a $40 cancellation fee. Credit is for use in the park within 1 year from date of cancellation (excludes kiosk purchases). 

Please Note: NO REFUNDS will be granted AFTER check-in for any alterations or shortened stays*

Online booking fees are non-refundable.

*Subject to management’s discretion.



Check-in: Sites – 1pm, En-suite Bays and all Accommodation – 2pm

Check-in after 8pm is not permitted unless prior arrangement is made and approved by Management. 

Check-out:  Strictly 10am in Peak Seasons. A late check-out fee will apply.

Late check-out is available in off seasons, depending on availability.



Please drive carefully and be aware of children and pets. Let’s keep our children safe!

Repeatedly ignoring the 8km signs or directions to slow down from any Beaches staff member could result in a speeding fine being applied. (Section 26 of the Caravan Park and Campground Acts and Regulations 2014)


Park management reserves the right to remove any occupant(s) and/or their guest(s) from Beaches if the occupant(s) and/or their guest(s) breach any law, agreement, or Beaches Terms & conditions.

Beaches accept no responsibility for any loss, theft or damage that may occur to an occupant’s personal property whilst staying in the park. 

Beaches accept no responsibility for damage to caravans, annexes or personal property retained on the park, or for any damage caused to caravans, annexes or personal property whilst being moved. 

Parents and/or guardians are responsible for the behaviour of their children at all times.

All warning signs that are displayed in relation to recreation activities SHALL be adhered to. 

Parents and/or guardians must be aware of, and properly understand all the risks involved before permitting children to participate in recreational activities within the park. There may be general risks, which may be obvious, unavoidable, or inherent, and particular risks, as described. It is agreed and understood that participation in recreational park activities is voluntary and at your, or your child’s own risk and responsibility. 

Bremer Bay Beaches Resort Tourist Park accepts no responsibility or liability for any issue or injury arising out of, or in connection with the use of recreational activities.

The person(s) named on a Reservation will be responsible for all debts, fees, damage fees incurred whilst on the property.

Any payment on your account gives your permission for Beaches and staff to charge all fees incurred to the credit card held of file.

If paying by cash, without any Mastercard or Visa details to record, a cash bond may be required which will be refunded pending any further charges/damages to cabins/chalets/sites.



OFF PEAK- Onsite accommodation is charged per 2 persons. The main bed linen and towels are supplied.

Extra guests are charged at $15 per person. BYO linen may apply. 

PEAK – Onsite accommodation is charged at maximum occupancy rate. The main bed linen and towels are supplied. BYO Linen may apply.


Strictly NO PETS are permitted in our Cabins or Onsite Vans at any time. (Section 25 Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Acts and Regulations 2014)

A $250 cleaning fee will apply if pets are found to have been in our accommodation. 


Failure to leave any Cabin or Onsite Van in a clean and orderly state, including dirty dishes, may result in a cleaning surcharge up to $200.  Any missing items will be charged to your account. 

Malicious and intentional damage will be reported to the Police and will be charged to the credit card. Accidental major damage will require payment for repair.

Please communicate with front office staff if any breakages occur during your stay. Reasonable accidental breakages of glassware and crockery will not be charged, but we would like to know if something needs to be replaced. 


Parking is included for ONE (1) vehicle per site only.

Additional vehicles, trailers, boats etc. are to be parked in the overflow parking area at the rear of the park, or other designated parking areas as advised by front office/yard staff.

Strictly Maximum 15-amp power draw per site.

Outdoor electric heaters are not permitted at any time. Indoor household heaters are not to be used as outdoor heaters at any time. Multiple electric heaters per site are not permitted.

Generators are not permitted at any time.


At Beaches we are fortunate to be able to offer the use of campfires all year round.  To facilitate the costs involved in providing this experience, a single campfire fee for the duration of your stay will apply to your reservation if you would like to have a fire.

This fee includes the hire of one of our Fire Pits or the use of your own – with a provided stand if applicable.  Fire pits can be hired from the kiosk or reception by 3pm daily (subject to availability) and are delivered to your site.  Our fire pits/stands will be collected/emptied on your departure by Beaches.  Fire pits/stands are not to be given or promised to other sites during your stay, or on departure.

Fires are permitted all year if a Total Fire Ban has not been declared for the Bremer Bay Beaches Resort Tourist Park. Please check for park notifications or check DFES website – https://www.emergency.wa.gov.au/ . Fires must be managed to comply with Shire Acts and Regulations, and DFES. 


BYO fire pits must be registered with reception prior to use. 


All fires must be contained within an approved fire pit and must be used with a firepit stand that will be provided, if applicable, to ensure the grass is protected from damage.

Campfires cannot be lit on the ground at any time.  Fire pits cannot be placed directly on the ground on any grassed site regardless of the condition of that site, at the time. 

We love our grass and so do our guests. Please be mindful of not damaging the site for the next person.

Use of unapproved and/or any fire pit resulting in damage to lawns/site will result in a lawn repair fee of $120.


Firewood is available to purchase, or you are welcome to bring your own. Dry kindling can be collected from the ground, but no firewood is permitted to be cut from the surrounding bush or properties. 

Ash must be deposited in allocated ash bins supplied around the park. No ash is to be emptied in plastic rubbish bins or onto the ground AT ANY TIME. Ash bins must not be used as fire pits at any time. Please ask yard staff for assistance if required.

Please consider your neighbour when lighting your firepit. Do not leave a smouldering unattended fire during the day. Please ensure your campfire is safe before retiring to bed. 


One Access Card is issued per Site for park guest entrance.

Additional cards may be given for additional paying guests. 

Back gate entrance access card may be given to boat owners or large rig owners. Cards will only work on their allocated gate – Back or Front.  Credit Card details must be provided for additional front or back entrance cards.  


Strictly ONE vehicle for card swipe to enter either gate. Damage to the cable caused by not waiting will be charged to the offender.


Cards are not to be used to grant entrance for people not staying within the park without prior permission granted by Management, otherwise the card will be deactivated immediately.

Visitors are to park in the designated area near reception. Visitors must leave at 9pm unless other arrangements are made with management.


Lost, un-returned or damaged cards will attract a $100 replacement charge, so please handle them with care. The person’s name on the reservation will be responsible for any lost card fees to be applied.



Loud music and noisy behaviour will not be tolerated after 9pm. Please be considerate of your neighbours and keep music and chatting to a reasonable level.  Loud thumping bass and songs with inappropriate lyrics are not permitted. No Excessive noise after 10pm please.

Any continued disturbances after warnings may result in a $200 call out fee charged, and offenders may face immediate eviction. Bad language and behaviour will not be tolerated at any time. Patrons who exhibit nudity and/or violence will be evicted from the park immediately.  Police may be called to assist.

No water balloons, party poppers, or string in a can (silly string) allowed.


Smoking is not permitted in any of our ablutions, camp kitchen, outdoor alfresco area, and pool enclosure.

Smoking is not permitted in any of our accommodations. A $250 cleaning fee will apply if it is found that smoking has occurred inside any onsite accommodation.


Parents and/or Guardians are responsible for the behaviour of their children at all times.  Parents and/or Guardians will be made financially responsible for any damage or vandalism incurred within the park by children in their care.

Please be considerate of other guests and keep excessive play noise to a minimum before 7am.

The oval, playground and tennis courts to be vacated by 9pm daily.



Pets are welcome all year for our SITES only.  Dogs must be of an acceptable nature and some breeds may be excluded. Please confirm prior to booking your reservation whether your dog is permitted to enter the Park.

Due to Health Department regulations, pets are NOT permitted in our Cabins or Onsite Vans AT ANY TIME.             A $250 cleaning fee will apply, per occurrence, per stay if pets are found to have entered our onsite accommodation. 

Dogs must always be kept on a leash. All droppings must be picked up, wrapped, and placed in rubbish bin. Excessive barking will not be tolerated, and you may be asked to remove your dog from the park.

When leaving the park for the day please ensure your pet goes with you. (Pets are not permitted to enter areas of national parks)

Pet owners are responsible for any damage or injury caused by their pets whilst in the park.

Animal cruelty will not be tolerated, including to the owner’s own pets, other guest’s pets, or native fauna.



At no time are fire hoses to be used for washing vehicles, caravans, boats, or any other object.



Unregistered motorbikes are NOT to be ridden in the park. 

Servicing of any type of motor or vehicle within the park is not permitted.

E-bikes, scooters and similar: All current E-rider laws must be followed in the park. 

Always give way to pedestrians. Speed limit shall not exceed 8 km/ hr within the park grounds. Helmets must be worn.

DRONES:  Australia law applies to the use of drones within the park parameters.

Beaches accept no liability for any type of injury or damage to any person’s property or belongings for all items listed above.

The person’s name on the reservation will be responsible for compensation for any type of damage to park belongings or infrastructure caused by any item listed above.



Fish cleaning is not permitted within Beaches or in our accommodation.

Fish cleaning facilities are located at the marina/boat ramps and near the estuary.




Rubbish bins are emptied daily. Please wrap food scraps and dispose of your rubbish appropriately in the bins provided, and compress rubbish items as much as possible.

Please do not dump bulk rubbish or broken camp equipment.  Please dispose of all bulk items at the refuse tip.

Bulky cardboard boxes can be placed near the bin for collection.

Please sort your rubbish and use the provided bins for all cans or bottles for Containers for Change. 



Children under ten (10) must always be supervised. Please consider others and tidy up after yourself.  Please use the mops and buckets provided after showering.

Guests must not allow visitors entrance to Beaches for the use of showers in any of the amenities or cabins. 

Shower use for visitors can be purchased at reception for $5 per person.


The pool and spa area is open for guests during daylight hours only. The use of the pool and spa at night is not permitted. Please always adhere to all signage. NO LIFEGUARD OF DUTY.

Children under thirteen (13) must always be accompanied by an adult. 

No glass is to be bought into the pool area. Smoking is NOT permitted in the pool enclosure.

We are a family park, please ensure your swimming attire is appropriate. No skimpy swimwear please.



Washing machine coins and laundry powder are available from the kiosk or reception. 

Please do not leave your washing unattended and keep the laundry area clean and tidy. 

Pet bedding is NOT to be washed in the machines or put into the dryer. 

Please do not use damaged or mis-shaped coins. 

Please use the facilities located in the camper’s kitchen to wash dishes.


No items are to be removed from the camper’s kitchen at any time.

Please consider other guests and tidy up after yourself.

Please consider your noise level after 9pm.


Please turn BBQ gas off after use and clean them immediately for the next person. 

BBQs are not to be moved from their locations at any time.


Open during daylight hours.


Tennis rackets, tennis balls and basketballs, cricket set, and bocce are available for hire from the kiosk or reception

Guests are welcome to bring their own sporting equipment and use the courts or the ovals for free. 


Important Park Information 


Open daily Reception 8:00am -6:00pm Peak Periods

Reception has varying hours out of our Peak periods. 

– If the office is unattended, please call 08 9837 4290 for assistance.

After hours: For all URGENT park issues or assistance with check-in please call 08 9837 4290.


Dial 000 for Emergency Services if you also need to alert the park, please call 08 9837 4290.

Emergency muster points are located at all gate entrances, please refer to your site map.

A Defibrillator is located on the reception porch in a locked box. See reception for key or call 000 for access.


Open daily from 8.30am – 5.30PM Peak Periods


Beaches Kiosk has varying hours out of our peak periods and maybe closed in the Winter months

If the kiosk is unattended between 9am and 5pm please enter reception or call 08 9837 4290 for assistance (out of these hours the kiosk is closed).

EFTPOS and cash payments available.

During peak season the kiosk is regularly stocked with basic grocery items, snacks, and refreshments. Some perishable items are only available in peak season. Items vary each week and are subject to availability.


Television reception in Bremer Bay is only available via satellite with a “set top” box.  There are only some areas of the park where satellite reception is available.

There is a TV located in the alfresco area for guests to use. Pets are welcome in the alfresco area.

DVDs are available for hire from the kiosk.

Wi-Fi is not available at the park. Wi-Fi is available at the Bremer Bay CRC and Bremer Bay Resort Mount Barren restaurant.

Mobile phone reception is only available through Telstra or Optus. A Telstra phone booth is located on Wellstead Rd near the park.


A dump point is located within the park and is available for guest use only.



All taps in the park have potable water, unless otherwise signposted.



An A-frame message board is located at the entrance to the Park. Please read every day as you enter or exit the park, for important information updates.


A blackboard is in the alfresco and pin up boards are located at the alfresco, camper’s kitchen and the guest laundry where events and park information will be posted. 

Please check regularly as any events and activities occurring in the park or in the Bremer Bay community will be posted here and in reception. 


A recovery service is available from Bremer Bay Mechanical.



The Bremer Bay Beaches Resort Tourist Park has made every effort to ensure that the information provided on this website is accurate.

However, the Bremer Bay Beaches Resort Tourist Park accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy or otherwise of any information contained on this website and disclaims all liability to any person in relation to anything done or omitted to be done in reliance, whether whole or in part, upon any information contained on this website.

Although the Bremer Bay Beaches Resort Tourist Park has made every reasonable effort to ensure that documents downloaded from this website do not contain viruses, the user accepts the risk of virus transmission and agrees that the Bremer Bay Beaches Resort Tourist Park has not provided any warranty, express or implied, in relation to the condition of documents downloaded from this website.


Cash out facilities are available from Australia Post, located at the CRC, Bremer Bay Resort, and the Bremer Bay General Store.

Prescriptions and other requirements are available from the Bremer Bay Pharmacy.

Fuel is available from the Bremer Bay General Store and the Bremer Bay Roadhouse.

A Health Centre and Ambulance/VFES/VMR Sea Rescue is available in Bremer Bay.

Visit the Bremer Bay CRC website for all other facilities and attractions that are available in and around the district.

Thank You for choosing Bremer Bay Beaches Resort Tourist Park